DESIGNING THE PERFECT HOME OFFICE – Top 5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Workspace

We are all working from home more and more these days which can be great if you have what you need to focus. Here are a few things you should give some thought to when setting up a home office.  

  1. What are your functional needs? What kind of tasks do you need to perform as part of your day? Consider your needs for privacy, quiet, computer time or planning space to lay out your work. 
  2. What kinds of equipment and storage needs do you have?  It all needs to fit in your new home office so you can work freely without having to take a lot of time or effort to modify your space as your day progresses.
  3. Consider your lighting.  If you need to read a lot, look at detailed drawings, or just need to stay on your game, your lighting will play a big role in your home office.  Layer your light so that your task spaces are well lit, you can dim the light when quiet contemplation or focus is the task at hand and overall light is adequate for general purposes. Lamp lighting, wall lighting, ceiling lighting should be considered carefully.  
  4. Does this new space need to accommodate other functions in your home?  Will this space also be used by other family members or guests? Do you also need this to be a yoga/gym space, guest bedroom, kid’s study area, crafting space? 
  5. How do I make this office feel good? It is so important that you love where you spend so much of your day.  If you create a purely functional space that you don’t like spending time in, you’ve wasted your time and lost part of your interior real estate in the process. What is a color or pattern that brings you joy? Do you need the room to inspire creativity or calm you? Do you need back or leg support? Do you like to vary your position from sitting at your desk to standing to pacing or even laying down?

By starting a personal dialogue about how your home office will best work for you, you begin the formal design process.  These are exactly the questions we would ask when we start to design this type of project. If you don’t know where to start or have tried and not gotten the result you love we can help. Contact us today to make your home office the best place you’ve ever worked! 

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