Top Living Room Styles 2023

Has your spring cleaning led to thoughts of a makeover for that main gathering place—the living room? If so, we have ideas for you.

Think about an overall style you would like. A theme that will hold the room together and helps it tell a story. Here are a few inspirations for doing just that.

Minimalist style emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, with neutral colors and minimalist decor. Use furniture and décor pieces that are sleek and functional, and maximize the use of natural light. Since you’re in that spring cleaning mode, the very first thing to do is declutter. Minimalist is quite literal. What haven’t you used in a year or more? It may be time to purge. Minimalist colors should lean toward neutrals. The color palette is a simple background for the furnishings and function of the space. Art and accessories can provide a bit of contrast. Make the most of natural light if you have it. The result should be calming and relaxing.

minimalist living roomneutral colored living room

Bohemian style living rooms are inspired by a mix of cultures and have colorful, eclectic pieces with lots of texture. Use earthy tones, layered textiles, and a variety of natural elements to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. If you like somewhat unconventional interiors and enjoy a unique blend of old and new, Bohemian style might be the right one for you. Think ‘no rules.’ If you like it, it fits. A key aspect is mixing elements you love in an artistic way.

bohemian style living roombohemian style

Coastal style living rooms incorporate natural materials and soothing colors reminiscent of the beach, such as light blues and whites. Use furniture and décor pieces that feature natural textures like sisal, jute, and rope, and finish off the space with ocean-themed accents like shells and driftwood. Since you will be using lots of lighter colors, it’s a good idea to use Performance Fabrics. Ask your designer about the right ones to use in your home.

coastal living room

Traditional style living rooms feature classic furniture pieces with slightly more ornate details. Multi-layered drapery, use of trims and elevated detailing as well as elegant accents like chandeliers and vintage mirrors to create a timeless and welcoming look.

A symmetrical furniture placement creates soothing balance when possible. Oriental rugs, polished wood furniture, upholstery details like tufting, fringe and rolled arm styles are popular with this style. Traditional interiors are making a comeback this season. By looking back in time, you’ll be moving ahead of the rest.

Feel free to call us to see how we can help you update your room with a fresh look!

traditional living area

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