Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Where are you located?
We have a private studio located in the Verona area of Essex county, NJ. We service northern NJ as well as the metro NYC area. We come to you.

Do I have to take off work to work with a designer?
We offer select early morning, evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate our working clients and professional couples.

What do you offer?

  • Full-service interior design
  • Custom and fine furniture
  • Custom drapery and shades
  • Custom cabinetry and closets
  • Fine and custom bedding
  • Floor covering including area rugs
  • Wallcovering
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Space planning
  • Paint consultations
  • Hourly design consultations
  • Project management

How do you work?
Over the years we have come up with a fee schedule that works for everyone. Your purchases of home furnishings through us and the selected a la carte hourly services we provide are our compensation. We discuss all of the fee methods that will be applied to accomplish your design goals before work begins.

  • Initial Meeting – At our initial meeting, we discuss the scope of your project, you functional and style needs as well as your expectations of quality and budget.
  • Hiring Us – Once we all determine that we are the right fit for your design project, we collect a retainer based on the scope of the initial design phase and get to work measuring and taking photos of your space.
  • Design Phase – Once we have measured your space, we can start designing your project. In this phase we create floor plans from the measurements of your space, work on finding the right pieces for your budget and quality expectations, record all relevant details of the items including attributes, materials, dimensions, pricing and availability. We also collect samples of any materials that are available.
  • Presentation/Selection Phase – This is normally the 2nd time we will meet with you. Once selections are made and information gathered, we create a presentation so that it all makes sense to you. We will have samples of wood finishes and fabric for you to see, touch and feel. You then determine the items you would like included in your design. All items selected will be purchased and executed through us. We charge commercially reasonable retail prices and we do not charge an hourly fee for this work. A deposit on any furniture and decor is taken at this visit. We also will select any contractors, obtain estimates, review the estimates and present them to you for approval.
  • Purchasing and Implementation Phase – All purchasing of home furnishings and decor goes through us. In this phase we place orders, track them, deal with any issues, replacements and back orders. We work with contractors to effectively communicate the design and make sure any materials are on site when they are needed and any decisions are handled in a timely manner. When your items arrive, they are inspected and wrapped for delivery. We then notify you and set up your white glove delivery which we will attend to make sure everything runs smoothly. We place and style each item to complete your project. It is up to you, but our clients tend to love the “Big Reveal”. Which means we ask you to stay close by but out of the project area until we are done. It’s exciting an and fun way to experience your new spaces!

Can you refer contractors to us?
We have spent years building relationships with contractors who not only do great work, but communicate well, can be trusted in your home, stay up on the latest materials and applications and charge fair pricing. Our network of contractors we refer to you include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drapery treatment fabricators and installers, faux finishers, painters, wallpaper installers, carpet installers, custom glass fabricators, movers, delivery services, stone fabricators, cabinetmakers, art installers, upholsterers and many more. In essence, we have resources for any type of work you may want to include in your project.

Do you offer a free consultation?
Our first visit to discuss your overall project needs including style, budget and scope of work is free.

Are the items we select for our project returnable or refundable?
Custom made items are never returnable or refundable. If you don’t want that custom sofa that you selected, chances are, we don’t either. Stock items may be returned or refunded but are subject to restocking and carting/shipping fees. Generally that works out to be about 50% of the original price of the item.

How do I determine a budget for my project?
During our first meeting, we will create our project outline and determine a comfortable working investment range together. After we discuss your priorities and goals, we will create your project outline. Before design, we will ask about the funds that you have set aside for this project, so please discuss this with your partner in advance.

Is there a minimum or maximum project size?
There is no minimum or maximum. Sometimes we may be helping a client with a simple paint consultation or a single window treatment. With another project, we may be selecting finishes and furnishing an entire home, beginning our dialog at the blueprints stage with their architect and contractor. No job is too big or too small.

Will you work with my existing furnishings?
We will gladly integrate your important and worthy furnishings as best as we can based on your aesthetic design goals and help you selectively edit things that you are not sure about. Our design collaboration is always all about you!

Do you shop with me in other stores?
This will not be necessary, as our services replace your need to go shopping. We are your designer and personal “shopper”, offering personally-curated options. We come to you in the most convenient showroom in the world, your home, where we can best evaluate all selections in the comfort of your surroundings and lighting. We will note, detail and ask you questions no one else will ever ask you to ensure your design plan is perfect. If there is a need to accompany us to a trade showroom, we will arrange that but it is not normally necessary.

How long will it take before I can receive everything?
Depending on the level of customization of your selections, there can be a 3-14 week lead time. Custom upholstery will be 10-16 weeks and custom drapery is normally 4 to 8 weeks. For our clients who are on a faster track, we offer many quick-ship programs and can often install within 3-5 weeks. We meticulously supervise your final installation and handle all of the details and placement for you.

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